Episode 43

143: Dead of Night


By Peter and Sarah Gifford, published on Oct. 9, 2016.

Movies/etc. reviewed:

  • Dead of Night (1945)

We watched "Dead of Night" (1945) (Thanks Bing search engine!) You probably didn't because it's relatively difficult to find online. Don't worry, we love this movie and want you to do so too so we just do a very light plot synopsis and steer (mostly) pretty clear of spoilers. You can find "Dead of Night" via a search for Dead of Night 1945 on Bing. Otherwise...well...good luck. Next week: Something that's super easily accessible: We watch "The Ventriloquist" and "The Doll" two classic Twilight Zone Season 2 episodes! Find em' on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Youtube!