Episode 29

129: Prometheus, The Bachelor/ette, The Invitation, The Big Short

By Peter and Sarah Gifford, published on July 10, 2016.

Movies/etc. reviewed:

  • Prometheus
  • The Invitation
  • The Big Short

​​​​We finally wrap up the Alien franchise with "Prometheus" a movie that might be good, but maybe really isn't. Peter's conflicted. Sarah's confused. It's all the makings of a classic episode. We've also watched just buttloads of "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette" family of products and we're gonna talk about it, dangit! Also some tiny talk on "The Invitation" (Still real good) and "The Big Short" (or at least, for as long as Sarah will allow for it) Next week: The Thing (John Carpenter) and The Fly (David Cronenberg)