Episode 26

126: We Are Still Here, The Witch

For Richer! For Horror! Episode 26!

By Peter and Sarah Gifford, published on May 22, 2016.

Movies/etc. reviewed:

This week we watch "We Are Still Here", but spend most of our time discussing "The Witch" for ever and ever and ever. Like seriously, a real long time. Also Peter's tired, but not so tired he does not have time to recommend an excellent comic book series written by Joe Hill, one of his favorite authors. It's real good. This podcast might not be. JUST KIDDING ITS AWESOME. Next week: We're on a Memorial Day weekend break, but we'll be back either on the "Alien" franchise or going into "The Thing" and "The Fly". Tell us which you'd rather us watch in comments and e-mails and general psychic projections!