Episode 25

125: The Shining, Crimson Peak

​​​For Richer! For Horror! Episode 25!

By Peter and Sarah Gifford, published on May 15, 2016.

Movies/etc. reviewed:

This week we get on in to the first of probably many viewings of "The Shining". Sadly we don't get nearly as much time as we would like to examine all the different crazy little things we want to talk about (like buttless Bear), but we posit all kinds of theories and ideas for what may or may not actually be happening. We then indulge in some serious Disney love with "Crimson Peak", a movie that seriously hits Sarah in all the right places. Also more spoilers than flaps covering Bear guy's butt. Next week, we FINALLY get to "The Witch" and "We Are Still Here". Peter and Sarah cannot wait to have so many problems sleeping and they hope you do too!